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Top 10 Ways to Relax at Wake

 Top 10 Ways to Relax at Wake



It is no secret that many of you come in to Wake seeking some temporary respite from the stress of the day.  Sometimes it isn’t easy to let go and let us take care of you for a little while.  Here are the top 10 ways that you can get the most out of your relaxation at Wake.

1- Although we do allow you to use the internet on your phone or laptop in the Sanctuary (as long as your device is on silent mode), the use of such items while one is relaxing is perhaps not the best idea.  We are so turned on and connected these days that it might be a nice idea to dis-connect for a little while.
2- Our soaks are the basic medium for all that we do at Wake.  The foot soak is a luxurious and relaxing experience that can be enjoyed all by itself.  However, if you want to kick your relaxation up a notch, add on one of our signature massages for either 20 or 40 minutes!  The massage takes place during the 45 minutes of the soak so no extra time is needed.
3- Leave the wife and kids at home.  Husbands, I’m talking to you!  The pampered spa experience isn’t just for women!  We have many men-folk who visit Wake and love what we do.  Some men even get the Salty Beach Rose soak which is topped off with dried rose petals!  But for you manly men who aren’t quite ready to embrace your more floral side, we created the Broo Man Soak (for the beer-loving ladies as well).  It is made with Broo brand soap (made from beer) and topped off with fresh hops!
4- “Turn down for what!?”  Feel free to sleep, snore, drool, and twitch.  We’ve seen it all and it doesn’t bother us one bit!  As a matter of fact, it let’s us know that we are doing our job.  No need to feel self-conscious.  The Sanctuary is a judgement-free zone.  So snooze away!
5- Just like when you fly the friendly skies, you can request a blanket.  Get cozy, get warm, and snuggle up.  Nothing says relaxation like a blanky!
6- Order a pot of tea.  We have a nice selection of herbal teas for you to choose from.  Local honey or raw sugar are available for those with a sweet tooth.  You can also purchase some truffles from French Broad Chocolates, or shortbread cookies from Butter Blossoms if you really want to indulge.  french broad chocolates butter blossoms
7- Everyone likes a nice package.  And boy do we have some!  Our packages are extended services that include either more massage time, up to all three body areas, tea, and/or treats, or all of the above!
8- Be in the moment.  When you are in the Sanctuary you have no place else you need to be.  There is nothing you need to do.  It is as if time is standing still and there is only this very moment.  Let go and be present.  It is the best gift you could ever give yourself.
9- Bring the family!  We cater to all ages.  The only pre-requisite is that you are able to sit still and relatively quiet for at least 45 minutes.  There is nothing better than enjoying some rest and relaxation with those you love most.  It is a beautiful way to create a new and unique memory that you will carry with you always!
10- The BEST way for you to relax at Wake is to come see us!  You can’t experience the rested relaxation being in the moment luxury of our wizards behind the curtain unless you walk through our doors.  We do take walk-ins, but a reservation is always suggested so that you we can best serve you during your desired time.  We are growing rapidly and with this comes less of an ability to serve you on the fly.
Call now to make your reservation.  828-575-9799

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