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VIP Status




Do you have VIP status?  Here at Wake, we have had some VIPs come in for service.  We have had well known actors and actresses, television personalities, a Grammy Award winner, athletes, musicians, notable local business people, and many from out of town.  These are all very important people and they definitely get the VIP treatment.

What exactly is VIP treatment at Wake?  How does our day to day service differ from the service we give to those considered VIPs?  I had this conversation recently with one of our fellow massage therapists.  Our typical service includes top notch customer service, anticipating the client’s every need from the moment they walk in the door, our undivided attention and presence, a personal goal of making sure the client has a relaxing and pampering experience, using our skills to the best of our ability, and respecting the client’s privacy.  What more could we possibly do for a VIP?

At the end of our conversation we decided that every person who walks through our doors is seen as a VIP to us here at Wake.  I actually went so far as to say that I couldn’t see us doing anything differently for, let’s say, The Queen Mother than we would do for a single mother of three!

So if you need a little VIP treatment in your life, come to Wake where you will always be treated as the very important person that you are!

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