A Wake Regular: Lauren

A Wake Regular: Lauren


(Photo used with permission from Lauren)

In honor of this past Sunday, Mother’s Day, we wanted to reach out to one of our regulars who we have come to know and love. Lauren and Debby are a fabulous daughter and mother team and we so treasure their monthly visits to our sanctuary. Below is an interview with Lauren about her experience at Wake.
How did you find us?
My mom and I discovered Wake during an afternoon shopping in the Grove Arcade. We saw the Wake sign, and were immediately drawn in by the name. We walked up and looked at the menu of services and booked our first appointment shortly after! My mom and I really enjoy relaxing and pampering experiences, as well as supporting local businesses…so Wake was a perfect fit for us!

What was your first experience with us like? 
My mom and I visited Wake together for our first visit. Wake has such a unique concept and we had never been to a foot sanctuary, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect! When we arrived, we were warmly greeted and the amazing staff explained all of the soaks and add-on massage services to us. We both chose the Salty Beach Rose (still one of my all-time favorites!) as well as head, neck, and shoulder massages. When it was time for the appointment, we were led back into the sanctuary which was just beautiful! The lavender and blue tones in the room are very calming, not to mention the couches and comfy pillows! Our massage therapist had us get settled in and came back to greet us with warm lavender neck wraps and our individual pots of teas we had ordered. Between the soft music, lavender neck wrap, and tea…I was honestly feeling more relaxed than I had in months before our soaks were even brought out!
The soaks arrived in Wake’s signature copper bowls and the rose and jasmine scent of the Salty Beach Rose soak was absolutely heavenly! Immediately after settling my feet in the bowl, I felt an immediate wave of calmness and became even more relaxed. When the therapist returned to start the shoulder massage, she checked in with me to see if I had any particular areas she could focus on. The head, neck, and shoulder massage was blissful while soaking! The therapist was so kind, and treated both me and my mom in a very caring and pampering way. When the soak was over, my mom and I immediately commented to each other that we absolutely had to come back to Wake again. A year and a half later, we have become Wake regulars! Our soaks have become a monthly treat and date for us as mother and daughter! My mom always says how grateful she is that we can treat ourselves to such a peaceful experience together… I couldn’t agree more!

What has visiting Wake been like for you as mother and daughter?
Visiting Wake every month is the perfect mother/daughter experience for me and my sweet mom. Shortly before our first Wake experience, I had moved back to the area after living away from Asheville for almost 5 years. After years of living in different states, my mom and I were looking forward to having regular mother/daughter dates together! My mom and I are best friends and value our time and experiences together. We were hoping to find something we really enjoyed that we could do together on a regular basis, and as fate would have it we stumbled (quite literally) upon Wake a few days later! Now as Wake enthusiasts, we count down the days to our “soak dates” together every month! In the days leading up to the soak, we inevitably end up talking about which soak we would like to try next (which is never an easy choice!) as well as our ambitious plan to eventually work our way through the entire menu!
My mom and I cannot say enough good things about Wake and love that our “soak dates” have gifted us with quality time together! We both work in extremely fast paced jobs in the healthcare field, but regardless of how busy our month has been we look forward to our time at Wake together! At Wake, it is our time to turn our phones off, relax, de-stress, and enjoy being pampered together. We leave each month feeling calmer and more connected as mother and daughter. Wake has become our favorite local business, not only because of the exceptional experiences we have had, but because the staff go above and beyond to make our time there special. We have celebrated birthdays Mother’s Day, and other special occasions at Wake, and appreciate the staff so much for always making us feel valued and very cared for!

What are some of your favorite soaks and massage add-ons? What about teas/treats?
Is this a trick question? My mom and I have never met a soak we didn’t love!!!
The Salty Beach Rose is one of my all time favorites! A close second would be the Lavender Chamomile soak. I love trying the monthly features as well, and always look forward to when each month is announced! My favorite special was the Winter Wake-Up soak which I was honored to name! It was an amazing blend of rosemary, lime, and avocado oil! My mom loves the Salty Beach Rose soak also, as well as the Signature Soothe! She also loves trying the monthly features and loved the Walk in the Woods soak last July (a mix of fern and rosewood) as well as the “Christmas Cheer” soak with cranberry and rosemary!
We both love that Wake offers French Broad Chocolate Lounge truffles as a special treat. My favorite tea is the Berkshire Apple and Fig. My mom loves the Caramel Roobios tea! My absolute favorite add on is the head, neck, and shoulder massage! It is very calming. My mom loves the foot and lower leg massage and says it is very relaxing for her.

Do you have any other favorites you would like to share?
My favorite Wake products are the lavender neck and eye pillows…I use them every night! My mom’s favorite Wake product is the rose bath salts, she says it is like having a little bit of the Wake experience at home! 🙂

We just want to thank Lauren and Debby so much for letting us into their lives and being a part of their monthly mama-and-daughter dates!


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