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Wake’s New Year’s Relaxations!

Wake’s New Year’s Relaxations!



The Christmas shopping has all been done. The Chanukah candles have all been lit. Most of the partying has all but crashed! So now what?

Something that I do every New Year’s Eve is to create a list of everything I want to let go of from the past year and perhaps a lifetime prior! I write down things like: debt, negativity, excess weight, clutter. You get the idea. The more specific you can be the better. Then I burn the list and watch it leave 2014 in flames and smoke! (NOTE: do this part safely, outside, and under adult supervision!)

The second part of this New Year’s Eve tradition is that I write a list of all of the things I want to bring in to (manifest) in the New Year. I write down things like: financial abundance, love, time to do everything I want, drink more water, take better care of myself. You get the idea. Unlike the previous list, this one I fold and keep somewhere. The cool thing is that at some point during 2015, you will come across this list and see that you have actually manifested some or all of the things you wrote down!

Finally, I typically go to bed before midnight! I don’t expect most people to do this, but I’m not like most people. The reason for this is that I begin the New Year bright and early with Asheville Master’s swimming and we swim for two hours. After the swim, I head out for a little run. I like to begin the New Year feeling good in my body, and not hung over. It sort of sets the tone for the year that lies ahead.

Whether you do some or all of the things that I have mentioned above or go out and party all night and into 2015, there are three awesome and easy things you can do to make 2015 the best year!

Relax your body. A relaxed body will result in less stress, less physical pain, more energy, increased productivity, and more. There is tons of research out there that talks about the benefits of meditation, yoga, and massage as great ways to relax your body.   Make relaxing your body a part of 2015!

Relax your mind. A relaxed mind? What’s that?! We live in a technologically over stimulated society.   We have computers, smart phones, iPads, iPods, television, streaming television, podcasts, and any kind of “connection” we could want. All of this connection is leaving us somewhat disconnected. This year why not set a goal to bring some quiet into your life. Go for a hike, a walk a run. Sit in silence. Meditate. Pray. Relax your mind. At first it will be busy. Make lists. Write stuff down and get it out. Eventually, your mind will begin to relax.

Relax your sole. Our feet carry us in, out, over, under, and through our lives! The older we are, the more abuse our feet have taken. Make 2015 the year that you relax your sole. Kick your feet up. Soften those rough heels. Spend some time loving your feet. They will thank you for it!

If all of this relaxation for the New Year seems like too much to fit into your already busy lifestyle, you are in luck! Wake has foot soaks, foot soak packages, tea service, and all kinds of wonderfully indulgent ways to relax your body, mind, and sole. Make Wake a part of your New Year!

See you soon.


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