Wellness from Wake: First Edition


Wellness  from Wake: First Edition.

There is a lot of news out there. A constant stream of information, billboards, ads, and blog posts for you to peruse and consume. This is Wellness from Wake–an ongoing series where we provide a small collection of hand-picked bits of news, information, and essays that we believe will be beneficial to our guests and readers. Let us know what you think and comment with any other wellness-related pieces you think we should check out!


First up is this fabulous essay for anyone who has ever had concerns about a massage therapist judging their body. In this case she speaks on full-body massage which is not something we offer here at Wake. However, self-consciousness knows no bounds when it comes to allowing another person intimate access to any part of your body. We have heard countless lamentations about how “ugly” someone’s feet are or how “horrible” their arms and hands may be. This end quote was a perfect representation of how our massage therapists feel about the honor it is to serve our guests: “Every time a client disrobes, they give me the gift of their vulnerability. It’s almost as if they say, ‘I’m here. I trust you. Please be kind with your hands, and your thoughts, for I’m just like you, doing my best to love myself.’ ” (Psych Central)


Second we have a few tips for combating stress quickly. We appreciate the shout-out to essential oils! Sometimes these seem like no-brainers but a reminder of the varied options we have to combat those overwhelming moments can help mix up your attack-plan on stress! You probably have your own. We like a commenter’s suggestion to journal what is stressing them out in order to process and let go. We couldn’t agree more! (Huffington Post)


We have to plug this great article from the LA Times about wellness vacations. Often times we see frantic parents and arguing spouses in the midst of their “relaxing” vacation to Asheville. Are you coming back from your vacations better than you left? As part of our commitment to a wellness-centered Asheville visit we have paired up with the Asheville Salt Cave and Travelling Yogini Tours to create the Asheville Wellness Tour. A salt cave session, yoga in the park, and a meditative soak and tea helps your vacation become an another-level destination. (LA Times)


With America’s big birthday bash coming up this weekend a lot of news outlets are reminding us that combat veterans can experience major stress around fireworks during neighbor’s revelry. The most courteous thing we can do is: “If you have a neighbor who’s a veteran with PTSD, let them know that you’re going to have fireworks and ask them if it will bother them… Also, let them know when you’re going to set off the fireworks to not surprise them, and do it as early in the evening as possible, instead of waiting until the early morning hours.” Or perhaps attend a larger community activity away from the neighborhood (like in local stadiums) to help keep your own neighborhood a quiet and less stressful one. (Reuters, CNN, Orlando Sentinel, AJC, CBS News)

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