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Wellness From Wake: Fourth Edition.


Wellness From Wake: Fourth Edition.

Is your job stressing you to the max? Then how about you quit that job and take up grub farming? NPR has a great piece about a Korean man, Kim Jin-Suk, who quit his marketing job after the stress was just too much. He found great happiness in all things grubs and it really puts into perspective how much we drag ourselves through the daily grind–for what? If the job is right sometimes it’s worth it but if the job doesn’t fulfill your needs maybe it’s time to change your daily grind. Maybe with grubs. (NPR)


Working moms–do you ever catch a break? Likely not. This Forbes piece talks about using skills from work to help more chaotic home lives. A big take-away from this piece is: “You wouldn’t assume that your employee could ‘guess’ that you were going into the big meeting tomorrow and needed a presentation.  You would clearly articulate the goal, what was needed, who was responsible, and the timetable.  You need to start that thought process at home.” Creating a more structured and clearly-articulated home life can help kids have better expectations and have better ideas on how to meet those expectations. A win-win for everyone! (Forbes)


It’s no surprise we love a good list of ways to de-stress. This one has several good reminders including: edit your self-talk, sleep well, and get rid of clutter! (Business2Community)


We are thrilled to find more men are seeking out spa services. There has been a long-running myth that massage and other spa services are just for women. Let’s smash that notion down, dudes! According to this piece from OnMilwaukee, there’s a 31% jump in male clients of spa services. We often see husbands and male family members get dragged in for a foot soak and massage with faces of dread and fear. We always try to assure them that it will be fine–no one will take away their man card. And we’ve yet to see one leave unhappy! We hope it’s a special turning point for them–self-care and wellness is for everyone! (OnMilwaukee)


Are you pregnant and preparing for a massage? Massage Magazine hits it out of the park again with this fabulous article on what to expect when getting a pregnancy massage. This quote really stands out: “Massage can alleviate a lot of fears that pregnant women have relating to their bodies, which is essential to a mother’s emotional well-being as she adapts to her new body image[.] At a time when you may be afraid that people will find you unattractive, touch can make you feel beautiful and more connected to your changing body.” There’s also an interesting discussion in the comments about avoidance of massage during the first trimester. Check it out! (Massage Magazine)

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