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Wellness From Wake: Second Edition.


Wellness From Wake: Second Edition.


Adorable dog pictures alert! This article on dog massage features completely cute pictures of a chocolate lab named Bella getting a sweet massage. Just like humans, our furry friends can benefit from the caring hands of massage therapists.  When it comes to alternative treatments for injuries and illnesses massage is seemingly beneficial to all kinds of species. “‘Canine chiropractory and acupuncture brought some immediate relief, I could see that, but they both turned out to be temporary in nature,’ she said of her pet’s longtime ailment. ‘I didn’t want Kiya to be on painkillers or go in for what may turn out to be unnecessary surgery, so I started researching other treatments and that’s when I came across canine massage.’ We have heard similar sentiments from humans about their reasons for seeking out massage and this article attests to the same benefits: it works. (Calgary Herald)


Are you suffering from arthritis? The Arthritis Foundation has a great blog post from the Living With Arthritis Blog. “[R]egular massage of muscles and joints, whether by a licensed therapist or by self-massage at home, can lead to a significant reduction in pain for people with arthritis.” We offer hand and lower arm massage, foot and lower leg massage, and head, neck, and shoulder massages here at Wake. Although we are relaxation-focused we recognize many guests express relief from many ailments–including arthritis. (Arthritis Foundation)


Here‘s an amazing story about Karl James Pestka and Ragnar Ólafsson who formed a band after the 2008 collapse of the Icelandic economy. We’re mentioning it here because Ólafsson says something very interesting: “In the wake of the crash people turned away from material things and turned to more art and stuff that really matters[.]” We encourage you check out the videos embedded in the story that show their band, Árstíðir, performing an incredible 13th-century Icelandic hymn. It’s true that in times of great stress–be it economic or otherwise–the arts can become incredible refuge for creativity and soul-revitilizing solace. (Pri)

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