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Which Wake body wash is right for me?

Which Wake body wash is right for me?

If you thought the relaxing benefits of a spa day were limited to the physical spa, think again. You can now bring the relaxing aromas of our sanctuary home with you! Make every shower a luxurious one with one of our signature body washes.

“But which one should I get?”

Today, we’re breaking down the ideal candidate for each of our body wash blends:

Refreshing Rosemary and Mint Body Wash

Rosemary and mint are known for their stress relieving and mood improving properties; they can be used to relax or to energize. The pair is able to improve cognitive function due to the fact that when our body is relaxed, we are able to think in a more clear and rational way. The scent of rosemary has even been scientifically proven to reduce levels of cortisol, a major stress hormone in our bodies. Inhaling the blend of these delightful herbs can provide improved mood and reduced stress.

If you are feeling the effects of brain fog, our Refreshing Rosemary and Mint Body Wash may be a perfect fit for you. This nourishing wash will not only balance and brighten your skin, but also awaken your mind, boosting your mood, enhancing your brain power, and relieving stress.

Calming Lavender and Chamomile Body Wash

Wake Body Wash - Lavender ChamomileLavender is most commonly known for it’s soothing qualities. According to research, lavender calms the human nervous system by lowering our skin temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. It is also known to be a natural aid for insomnia. Inhale the invigorating scents of lavender and chamomile while exhaling your stress. The soothing scents of chamomile and lavender are sure to induce instant relaxation, and will take your mind far away from the stresses of today.

Having trouble sleeping at night? Our Calming Lavender and Chamomile Body Wash could be the perfect solution for winding down at night. Lathering up during a nighttime shower can help slow your mind and prepare your body for an evening of rest and tranquility. With its stress reducing properties, Calming Lavender and Chamomile is also perfect for the busy student, the burnt out employee, or anyone struggling to create moments of relaxation in their own home.

Revitalizing Grapefruit and Bergamot Body Wash

The perfect body wash for those who prefer to shower in the morning, our Revitalizing Grapefruit and Bergamot body wash is refreshing, clean, and uplifting. This body wash has an energizing scent to kickstart your day with nourishing properties. For example, bergamot is proven to help reduce inflammation and to help promote heart health, and grapefruit is shown to boost mood and to improve skin health.

Revitalizing Grapefruit and Bergamot Body Wash could benefit those who are looking for a mood and health booster. With its invigorating scent, it can provide a pick-me-up for those looking for a boost in energy anytime of day. Additionally, this wash can serve as a great solution for those who are looking to improve their overall skin health and reduce body acne.

No matter which body wash you choose, they’re guaranteed to create a spa experience for you each morning and night for your shower! Visit your local Wake spa, in Knoxville TN or Asheville NC to pick up some Wake body wash, or visit Procured Goods to shop the collection.

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