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Why Taking a Warm Bath is Good for the Soul

What is it about the idea of a long soak in a warm tub that is so appealing to us? According to the experts, a warm bath is a great way to revitalize and rejuvenate. The right at-home spa products including bath bombs, bath oils, bath salts, candles and and wraps can make all the difference.

Bath salts and bombs add comfort to a good long soak that has the power to wash away the stress of the day. Supporting your head and neck while you lounge in the tub will not only increase comfort but will also, provide the support to your head and neck that you need to do away with those aches and pains. Plus we love using warm neck wraps and soothing eye pillows for added relaxation.


Baths in warm water and added minerals have been a form of therapy for thousands of years. Balneotherapy (bath taking) can help to settle the body, release toxins, and provide a zero-gravity environment to help heal your body.

Why Is a Warm Bath So Healing?

There are three key benefits of taking a bath. The environment can be conducive to meditation. Bath salts, a few candles to add some calming scents, and low lighting can promote some deep relaxation and meditation to clear the mind is a cinch.

Comfort in the tub is key to promoting those feel-good vibes. Spa products can give you luxurious self-pampering feelings that set you up for deep relaxation. Some experts believe that humans are drawn to a nice warm bath to relieve stress because it triggers memories of comfort in the womb and takes us mentally to a place that is safe.

What else can the magic of a warm bath do?

Heals Achy Muscles and Joints

Warm bath therapy to heal achy joints and muscles is well documented as an easy way to find relief. Add a little Epson salt to the water and the healing minerals will ensure you are ready to attack the next day.

A warm bath and some Epson salt can help to loosen tight or tense muscles. It can also help to reduce inflammation. Experts recommend 30 minutes as the sweet spot time to lounge in a warm bath to reduce muscle tension and discomfort. We love using Bath salts to help detoxify and calm as well, it’s the best way to spa at home.

A bathtub is the closest thing we can get to zero gravity to relieve back pain. As you lie in the bath all the pressure that your body is normally under is released.

We love using Bath salts to help detoxify and calm as well, it’s the best way to spa at home.

Improving Metabolism

A recent study showed that sitting in a tub for 40 minutes of warm water can burn as many calories as walking for a half-hour. Imagine burning about 140 calories while relaxing? Who knew the spa could actually help you burn calories too?

The Right Tools are a Must

To ensure you are getting all the benefits that a bath can offer, you have to have the right tools on hand. You can turn your bath time into a luxurious spa experience. Get the accessories that you need to get all the benefits a warm bath has to offer. Visit our spa shop to shop all available goodies.

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