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Have you wondered how one half of our founding duo strategizes and blows off steam? FierceCEO checked in with several CEOs to see how they do just that. Our very own founder and CEO, Melissa Long, gave her take.


CEOs are a singular breed living in an insular world. You could say it’s lonely at the top, with few people to turn to. So where do CEOs let off steam and strategize outside the boardroom? The answers range from confiding in one’s spouse to one’s psychotherapist. In between there are former coworkers and investors. All create a support network that many CEOs do not want to do without.

Melissa Long, CEO of spa Wake Foot Sanctuary, turns to her husband, who is also the company’s director of operations.

“He is my sounding board for all my big decisions and brings a complementing point of view and approach to things that I see, struggle with, and question in our business dealings,” Long said. “He has great confidence, an amazing amount of resolve, and is always brutally honest. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s my best friend, too.”


The article goes on to give even more interesting and beneficial tidbits. If you’re a CEO-to-be or just wanting some practical business advice take a glance. Read more here.

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