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Tips For An Awesome Experience at Wake

Have we told you lately how much we love our Wake guests!!! Well, we honestly can’t say it enough. We love taking care of them during soak services, helping them choose the perfect soak for their mood, and assisting with any parting body shopping needs! It’s very important to us that we try to answer questions for our guests about planning their experience, whether it’s their first time with us, a special occasion or surprise, or just wanting to remember details on the soak they picked last time! We have listed a lot of the most commonly asked questions and answers along with our policies and frequently asked questions on the site.

We also thought it was a great idea to put together our favorite tips for ensuring a great experience at Wake Foot Sanctuary!

#1 – Check out our services online & call us to help you book a reservation.

We are so happy to help our guests, both first time and our regulars, to select the perfect services for their visit. Not only does Wake have amazing a la carte soaks and massage services, but so many of our guests have grown to love the ease and indulgence of selecting from our menu of packages. In addition, guests who subscribe to social media or our monthly newsletter can get updates on our monthly features, which have become so popular! Simply take a peek at the menu of services online, give us a call, and let us know any questions you have to help make your final selections to book your appointment! We recommend booking appointments at least 2-3 weeks in advance for parties of 3 or fewer and 4-6 weeks + for groups of 4 or more for the best chance of desired appointment availability and times.

#2- Ensuring you and your feet are healthy for service!

We want our guests to enjoy relaxation and fun while they are with us and to do this we want them to be free of illness and available to enjoy it all to the fullest! We ask that guests refrain from visiting the sanctuary if they or a household member have a fever of 100 or greater, Covid-19 symptoms, or a communicable illness. It’s also important to maintain a safe environment for our guests’ feet! For this reason, we ask that if guests have a potentially contagious skin condition, postpone their services until their condition has been fully treated.  This includes but is not limited to: athletes foot, nail fungus, warts, poison ivy, and others.

#3-Confirm your appointment via text & arrive 15-20 minutes early for your appointment.

Guests will receive text confirmation for their appointment for convenience. Once our staff receives the confirmation, we are already eagerly preparing for your arrival! We ask that guests arrive 15-20 minutes prior to their appointment. This allows plenty of time for guests to make final soak selections for any a la carte appointments, add drink selections, and complete any paperwork that is not on file. As a note, late arrivals will be charged the full price of the service, but the service end time cannot be extended as it is our goal to reserve this special time for each and every guest. Keep in mind as you enter the shop that new guests may be starting their services and would appreciate the same spa voice and volume that is in the Sanctuary.

#4- Customizing your sanctuary appointment & Sanctuary etiquette.

When you arrive to Wake Foot Sanctuary for check in, guests with a la carte soak and massage appointments can then choose which massage area and which soak excites them for their visit! Staff are happy to help with selections based on your scent preferences, mood, or the needs of your feet! Many of our guests love to add tea service, or a glass of wine, and maybe even a shortbread or two to their foot soak services. Our staff can explain what offerings we have available and help you decide. We’ll admit, it is so fun to choose!

Our Sanctuary is a communal space, where guests are often enjoying foot soaks with a friend, a group of friends, and sometimes just quietly alone. It’s a beautiful thing to see different people from all walks of life relaxing and enjoying the space in this way. While we don’t ask for complete silence in the Sanctuary, we do ask that guests chat quietly with the other guests in their party. Just relaxing in the space, enjoying the energy and space with others is the best energy to take out into the world when you leave us!

#5- Seamless check out & assistance with products education & take home gifts!

Your massage therapist will towel you off after your foot soak services, walk you out of the Sanctuary space, escorting you back to our shop and checkout area. Guests will swap their slippers for shoes once again and feel free to browse the shop for any special items or gifts that catch their eye. There are plenty of things in the shop that are available for testing before you buy, so we encourage testing and indulging! If you have any questions about anything you see, please don’t hesitate to inquire with any of our staff for information.

When you are ready to check out, one of our guest experience specialists will assist you at the front desk. For combined tickets, our staff takes care of splitting tips automatically based on the dollar amount of services (or if you prefer a different amount, just let us know!) Guests can simply tap for payment, select to print, text or email  a receipt for their convenience. If you have left an email with us, you will receive a follow-up from us (we do not  share your contact information outside of Wake Foot Sanctuary) asking for feedback if you have it for us. If guests are kind enough to review us on Trip Advisor, Google, or Yelp, don’t be surprised if you find a little thank you from us!

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